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Aqua Bailers Teflon Bailer

Teflon® (FEP) stays sturdy in the most corrosive and reactive situations. The Aqua Bailers® FEP bailer is made from 100% virgin material and is our most durable disposable bailer. Utilizing a Teflon® ball and a stainless steel weight, the protection of your sample is unparalleled. The bailer contains a Teflon® ball and a steel weight which provides additional sample protection. If you are dealing with organics, Aqua Bailers' Teflon® (FEP) Disposable bailers are your solution.


To view the volume amounts of each bailer, click here.

Model Length Weighted CK Valve Units per Case Price
TF16x12DCW 12 Weighted Double 12
TF16x12SC 12 Unweighted Single 12
TF16x12SCDW 12 Weighted Double 12
TF16x12SCW 12 Weighted Single 12
TF16x18SC 18 Unweighted Single 12
TF16x18SCW 18 Weighted Single 12
TF16x36DCW 36 Unweighted Single 12
TF16x36SC 36 Unweighted Single 12
TF16x36SCDW 36 Double-Weighted Single 12
TF16x36SCW 36 Weighted Single 12