Environmental Quality Standards

Since environmental consultants use bailers to obtain water samples that are representative of an area’s ground water, it is crucial that the bailers used in the field are free of any potential contaminants and held to the strictest quality standards possible.

While it is up to regulatory agencies, environmental organizations and field technicians to establish and follow protocol for the retrieval of ground water samples, it is Aqua Bailers’® obligation to manufacture a bailer that meets or exceeds standards for durability, reliability and most importantly, sample integrity.


Vendor Selection

The manufacturers of Aqua Bailers’® components (e.g., parts, tubes, balls, etc.) are as vital to a quality bailer as the cleaning and assembly processes followed by Aqua Bailers®. Any variation in the size of a part (as little as a thousandth of an inch) can result in a leaky bailer, causing delays or compromised samples. Therefore, Aqua Bailers’® vendors are held to the strictest manufacturing specifications possible.


Material Selection

The selection of bailer component materials has a great impact on sample integrity as well as ease of use in the field. Aqua Bailers’® components are only manufactured with approved, 100% virgin materials, such as FEP, HDPE and PVC.



Proper and thorough cleaning of bailer components prior to assembly is critical to manufacturing a quality bailer; that’s why personnel wear powder-free nitrile gloves at each stage of the assembly process. All bailer components are cleaned pre-assembly with laboratory-grade, phosphate-free detergent and given a final rinse with de-ionized water before drying. The cleaning, drying and assembly processes are performed in three separate pressure-positive rooms to minimize the possibility of airborne contaminants. After assembly, each bailer is individually sealed within 3 mm polyethylene bags prior to boxing. Every case of bailers and slow-emptying devices (a.k.a., VOC Tips) is labeled with a 6-character quality code. This code allows Aqua Bailers® to trace a manufactured product back to the actual day of production to ensure correction of any component quality issues that may arise.



Aqua Bailers’® product standards are defined by superior field performance and superior sample integrity. Superior field performance is tested via destructive examination (DE) and non-destructive examination (NDE). Prior to packaging, assembled bailers are randomly and periodically tested to ensure they can withstand rigorous field use. Environmental consultants charged with the responsibility of analyzing ground water for contaminant levels as (minimal as parts per billion) need assurance that the equipment they use will not affect the sample. Optimizing sample integrity requires periodic independent laboratory testing of randomly selected assembled, pre-packaged bailers. Since each sampling event may be unique, no one laboratory test covers every consultant’s individual requirements. For example, Test Method 8260B is appropriate when testing for trace levels of volatile organic compounds, but does not include metals. Aqua Bailers® periodically tests its bailers to ensure a below-detection-limit (BDL) result for a wide range of analytes including, but not limited to, all RCRA Priority I Pollutants. Contact Aqua Bailers® directly for specific third-party test results.



Aqua Bailers’® warranty obligation is limited to non-conforming goods. Products to be examined, repaired, or replaced will be returned to Aqua Bailer® at our discretion. Products are not to be returned, nor will they be received, without express permission from Aqua Bailers® prior to returning. Contact the office for details on returning defective products. Aqua Bailers’® liability for replacement of non-conforming products is limited to and will not exceed the purchase price paid by the Purchaser.