What is a water bailer?

A water bailer is used to collect ground water samples from wells.Available in both permanent and disposable forms, they come with check valves hat raise when they submerge in water. When the cordage is pulled the bailer raises and the check valve closes, securing the sample inside. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as various lengths, number of check valves, and weights, Aqua Bailers can provide anything you need for the job.


What types of water bailers are there?

We offer a wide range of bailers made of polyethyleneAquaclear PVC, and Teflon® (FEP) in a variety of lengths and diameters.


Is there an advantage in using weighted bailers instead of unweighted bailers?
Our bailers fall straight down wells and sink quickly, but there are certain occasions where time is of the essence. Our weighted bailers sink faster to cut down on sampling time when there isn’t a minute to spare. We can add up to 4 weights on our most popular styles – just contact us for a quote!


What makes the mini-bailer unique?
The mini-bailer ranges from 0.5 inches to 0.75 inches in diameter and is 36 inches in length whereas the standard bailer is 1.6 inches in diameter and available in lengths between 12 and 84 inches.


Does each bailer have its own emptying device?
Each bailer comes with an attachment used for sample removal. However, if the user wants to drain the water slowly for a more accurate measurement, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) tips, also known as Slow Emptying Devices (SEDs), are available. Tips can be ordered from our website.


Can bailers be reused?
The disposable bailers are not intended for reuse. If reusable bailers are desired, we offer a selection of permanent bailers that allow the user to disassemble and decontaminate the various pieces then reassemble for reuse.


If the SinkFast® is disposable, other than sinking faster in a well, what differentiates it from a Poly Bailer?

The SinkFast® bailer is constructed using a combination of PVC and Poly materials, which provides for a more durable, faster sinking bailer. It has four welds on the top and bottom for increased sample security.  It holds 1L of sample whereas the Poly bailer holds between .36L to 2L, depending on the length. Poly Bailers offer an increased customization whereas the SinkFast® bailer offers increased speed of sampling.


Can Slow-Emptying Devices be interchanged? In other words, can I use a Poly SED with a Teflon bailer or a Teflon SED with a Poly bailer?

Slow-Emptying Devices are designed to be used with similar bailer styles. Teflon SEDs should be used with Teflon bailers to ensure the most accurate sampling. Using Poly SEDs with a Teflon bailer may affect the results. Teflon can withstand contact with materials other than water, whereas the poly material is designed for water contact only.


Does Aqua Bailers® recycle bailers used in the field?

Aqua Bailers® does not accept used bailers for recycling. We are not aware of the work being done in the field where bailers are used and do not know what chemicals might be on them; therefore, we cannot accept liability for chemicals that may surface during recycling.


How do I know which cordage to use with my bailer?
We have prepared aCordage Chart that provides information about which type of cordage could be used with a certain type of bailer. Of course, the type of cordage to use would be based on conditions surrounding cordage use in the field.



 How do I place an international order?
International Orders must be made over the phone or via email.


What are the requirements for placing an international order?
First time customers need to provide contact and billing information. A P.O. box is not an acceptable address for international shipments.


How do I pay for an order?
All international orders require payment in advance in $USD by credit card or wire transfer.   For a credit card charge, appropriate credit card information with holder’s name and billing address is required. For a wire transfer, appropriate wire information is required and we charge a $40 wire transfer fee in addition to the fees charged by the wiring entity. The quoted price does not include any customs or duties taxes, those are the responsibility of the customer.


How is shipping handled?
The customer is responsible for finding an appropriate means of transport for the products. After payment and manufacturing, Aqua Bailers will then get in touch with the pre-arranged transport company in order to schedule the pickup.


How is weight calculated for shipping internationally?
Weight is calculated based on the quantity of product ordered, the dimensions of the package and the total weight of the order.