VOC Tips

The Aqua Bailers® VOC Tips (Volatile Organic Compounds), also known as Slow-Emptying Devices (SED's), are constructed of Polyethylene or FEP and sized to fit any of our standard or mini bailers. These tips reduce water flow from the bailer, minimizing agitation and allowing a more accurate measurement of VOCs.

Model Material Fits Models Units per Case Price
PY05SED Polyethylene PY05 & DP05 Bailers 24
PY16SED Polyethylene PY16, SF16, & DP16 Bailers 24
PY75SED Polyethylene PY75 & DP75 Bailers 24
TF05SED Teflon/FEP TF05 Bailers 12
TF16SED Teflon/FEP TF16 Bailers 12
TF75SED Teflon/FEP TF75 Bailers 12