Aqua Bailers Filters

The QuickFilter® product is a lab tested disposable filter that allows for the free flow of water without the need for a transfer vessel. These disposable groundwater filter cartridges are certified to the highest degree of accuracy through independent lab analysis and come in .45,  1.0 and 5.0 micron pore sizes. Each QuickFilter® comes with a "Bailer Interface Tube" which allows the filter to be inserted directly into the bottom of the bailer. The polyethersulfone membrane allows for fast and accurate processing of dissolved metal tests The snug fit ensures no leakage and gravity forces the water through the vessel, eliminating the need for an additional pressure source or transfer vessel.

The AquaFlow Filter is a 0.45 micron disposable non-hydrophylic filter. Its polypropolene medium makes it ideal for use with transfer vessels and pumps. There are multiple connection options to best fit your pressure device needs.


For the Data Sheets, please click one of the following: QuickFilter (0.45) & AquaFlow (0.45).

Model Description Pore Size Units per Case Price
AF045 AquaFlow, 0.45 micron, Ground Water Filter Cartridge 0.45 Micron 1
QF045 QuickFilter, 0.45 micron, Ground Water Filter Cartridge 0.45 Micron 1
QF100 QuickFilter, 1.0 micron, Ground Water Filter Cartridge 1.0 Micron 1
QF500 QuickFilter, 5.0 micron, Ground Water Filter Cartridge 5.0 Micron 1